Leadership Development…

Team Leaders & Supervisors

A highly practical and interactive workshop for team leaders and supervisors. The course develops key skills to enable you to lead your teams in an effective and motivational way. You will also identify how you will transfer the learning back into the workplace.

Learning Outcomes

Introduction – An induction day to introduce team leadership and the concepts of people management

Core 1 – Focusing on leadership styles, setting objectives, performance management, motivation, delegation and feedback.

Core 2 – The focus for this part of the course is teamwork, communication skills, neuro-linguistic programming, transactional analysis and running effective team meetings. The course will be extremely participative with numerous individual and group exercises to illustrate learning points. There will be tasks to complete between each of the workshops to enhance the transfer of learning into the workplace.

This workshop is 5 days in length (over a 3 month period) Or alternatively we can deliver the 5 days in the timeframe that suits your company needs.

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