Effective Selling Skills…

What is meant by ‘selling’?

A practical workshop in which we will be identifying what is meant by ‘selling’ and what a customer expects when it comes to sales. We will be identifying the key skills we need to demonstrate as sales people to ensure we achieve the best sales results possible..

Learning Outcomes

Discussing the skills of an effective sales person

Consider different ways of building rapport with customers and what this looks and sounds like

Explore a range of questioning techniques to assist with identifying a customer’s needs

Discover how to effectively sell using features and benefits

Demonstrate how to overcome objections when selling

Understand the importance of closing the sale and how this can be done effectively

This workshop will be designed specific to your company needs. We will ensure we know your business and sales structures so that we can increase your profit and demonstrate a return on investment. Sometimes our staff need to revisit their roles as sales people and not order takers, we believe effective selling skills are part of the service levels we provide customers.

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